Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Too. Excited. To. Knit.

Yes, shocking but true -- something Very Fun is going to happen this week at OY and I'm too busy darting around the house, chasing my own tail, and gnawing random things to settle down with the sticks. I was going to give a photographic hint, but Blogger is all ratty about accepting photos. Maybe it's a sign that I should keep it a secret until it really happens.

Yarn-wise, I hit The Wall with both my knit-a-long projects this week. Sockapaloooza sox: turned the heel...incorrectly. Blast and damn. Not looking forward to pulling it back...I might put it on a holder, knit the second sock, and then go back to it. And the Mountain Peaks Shawl laid a whuppin' on me last night. I tried row 4 of chart 1 a number [large number] of times and couldn't get the stitch count right. So we're having a little time out, the laceweight and me. We're thinking about how we've each contributed to our problem and we're coming up with ways to compromise and behave like grown-up knitters/yarn. Maybe after a very good night's sleep, we'll get together in direct natural light and try it again.

I did swatch for a cotton T-shirt type affair. Should be simple enough that I can stitch AND race around the house in anticipation.


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