Sunday, March 05, 2006

wild and woolly week

It's been a busy few days here at OY, what with house guests (Amy and her latest, in from both Londons) and darting around the city. On Monday I was at a Disruptive Innovation conference, where I heard some dumb presentations but also a couple of good ones -- the best was Bill Ives, who talked about blogging as a knowledge management [aka "filing"] tool. This guy was great -- virtually no jargon and a master of the pause. Plus, his slides didn't make me want to poke him with something sharp. I think I disappointed the friend/mentor who invited me, because I'm still hopeless at networking and avoid talking about My Business. But honestly, I'm so happy not working every single day. It's just fantastic. I imagine I'll have to get busier if I want to buy a house or have a kid, but I'm not looking to do either in the next year. Anyway, it was a day reasonably well spent, and I learned a few new things.

The post-Olympic knitting is aimless: I'm back at work on the Teva Durham corrugated V-neck, and have finished my first practice sock [!] ...outdoor photos tomorrow.

Not much else to report, except this man and his camera in my hallway. He and his henchman made one hell of a mess in the place -- they moved all my piles of stuff out of the shots, and now everything is higgledy-piggledy (that means "a real mess") Details to follow in the next few days!


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