Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Runway Ready...or Michelin Man?

It's a tough call...I like the neckline, but that sleeve is all Big White Tire Guy. And I won't lie to you: it's a little itchy. But I was impatient to wear it out for Korean food with Sarah and Maya, so say it with me...We Suffer to Be Beautiful. Or to look like a Pine Shadows marshmallow. It's not get-this-off-my-body itchy, and it'll soften up once I give it the Eucalan dunk. The colour is greener and prettier than it looks -- more "pine" and less "mud" -- and the 20% mohair sheds a little but not too much. One thing that's hard to do: get an in-focus shot of this sweater. Here's me trying to boss the camera into holding still:
Look how annoyed I am! I've always been prone to irrational irritation with inanimate objects. Anywho, that's the Teva Durham corrugated asymmetrical V-neck, and today Toronto was -11 degrees, so I can wear it a few times before the winter duds go into storage. On the weekend, when it went up to +17 degrees, I had a panicky moment trying to remember where the heck I'd stashed my spring/summer clothes. I stared wildly into space, trying to imagine my logic last October...and my eyes fell on the big gray Rubbermaid tub behind the printer. But of course! The love I have for this apartment is unconditional though, and I can only blame myself for having too much stuff to cram into its single closet.

Right, moving along then: I'm going to finish the 2nd sock, graft all the toes, and have another FO this week. Then I can get started on my Sock Pal's sox (just wait until you see the yarn) and my next knit-along project and a couple of new baby presents.


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