Thursday, March 30, 2006

Spring Forward

Coming up to the best weekend in the year: Daylight Savings Time kicks in between Saturday and Sunday, PLUS we're still tipping toward the sun and therefore getting another two minutes(ish) of daylight every day. More daylight hours are A Good Thing, when one's slow-and-steady progress on the sock is more slow than steady. Check it out: It's not racing along, this little sock, but I'm into the magic loop groove and will make some real progress once my pesky work is done for the week. Oh, and what you see dangling from the sock? Kind of like a greyhound at rest? My first Addi Turbo. [Turbos? Plurals really get me sometimes. I'm still smarting from the time I referred to the Borgs on Star Trek and was hooted out of the room.] Anyway, right, these needles. Might as well cash in the RRSPs now...the join alone brings me close to tears. Of joy.

Speaking of spending all the dough on needles, the two candidates for the Mountain Peaks Shawl arrived this week, and they seem quite pointy, which was the whole idea. I'm going to pull out the eight rows I've done and start again on April 1 so that I can be in the contest and so that I can try one of Eunny's cast-on methods.

Want to see the sole of the sock? Oh go on. Have a look.


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