Saturday, April 01, 2006

Last Night of Eastern Standard Time...And a Wild One It Is.

It started out so granola-yuppie [guppie?]: hair appointment first thing (you can't see it: too clean and fluffy), yoga class at lunchtime, quick stops at the health food store and the library...and then I came home to the sticks, and it's Saturday night at 8:37PM. My god I have to get out a little more. Except that I kind of like an evening in with the CBC, a beer (all gone pre-photoshoot), and a couple of projects. In the lower right corner is an ALMOST finished object -- small pink cardigan baby gift. On the left, the set up for the Mountain Peaks Shawl. The winning needle is the Aero circular from Karp Styles (which is in the Northwest Territories!), and the point is nineteen times pointier than the Denises. So far so good with the join, but I don't have a lot of stitches yet. I'm finished the 14 set-up rows and row 5 (of 8) of the very first chart. This pattern has about 140 rows plus the edging, and there's a contest on the knit-a-long for the person who starts on April 1 and finishes first. That person is unlikely to be me. I can't BELIEVE how skinny this yarn is. And the fuzz is a challenge. Must go slow and pay attention and try to keep shoulders from creeping up around ears (worked on that in yoga today). I'm excited about learning to work with this stuff, though, and the finished object looks soooo pretty.

Exciting travel news: I'm going home to Kamloops for a week in May! Bless you Air Canada and your seat sale. Can't wait to see M&D and the guys and the short one and the dog.


Blogger trek said...

I cast on the MP shawl today, too. But I stopped at the 14th row (ready to begin 1st chart) because I figure I'll be less likely to screw it up when the child is sleeping rather than climbing on my lap.

Good luck. Oh and visit my blog to see my stash flash.

10:49 p.m.  

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