Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hooray! Here is my 600+ yards of alchemy "haiku" in forest waltz, posed artistically next to a framed picture of my home mountains...Mts. Peter and Paul, in the Desert Jewel, aka Kamloops B.C. Here in Hogtown, mountains are scarce, but I grew up on hills and love them, even when I'm at the bottom and it's 38 degrees celsius. Well, maybe not LOVE them. But I do love the colours in this yarn, and I can't wait for the new sticks to arrive in the mail, so I can get started properly on the Mountain Peaks shawl.

In other news, I returned the 13 skeins of lamb's pride bulky that was scheduled to become Teva Durham's cabled riding jacket. The v-neck corrugated asymmetrical pullover taught me that this yarn -- while lovely -- sheds too much and wouldn't show the cables to the degree I would want. Hmph. Anywho, I now have a whopping credit at Romni, even after I bought some proper sock needles. Tomorrow, post-work and pre-houseguests, I'll get going on the sox.

Tonight I went out for a drink with my thesis supervisor, who wants me to come in on April 19 and talk to his class about Things You Can Do with a Ph.D. (other than being a professor) and we had a fine time catching up and swapping gossip. He was all cut up that I'd been cruelly dumped in January, but I explained that I was over it 99.9 percent and besides was now a media darling. He may or may not have bought it, but it's 99.9 percent the truth. Then I raced around the corner for dinner with my lovely friend Sarah, who has had one hell of a few months but is now back on track with her boyfriend and has adopted a dog -- a GoldenDoodle called Finn...which was one of the names that my parents considered for Riley, Ace of Dogs. Though now he's SUCH a Riley. She (Sarah) is doing extremely well and wants me to do A Reading at her wedding, date/place/time TBA.

I'm finished the body of a small pink cotton cardi for my friend Ilana's new baby, Thea -- this weekend, I need to make sleeves and a hood and put it all together.

And so to bed.


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