Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ssssssssocks: plural!

I am all set to get going on my Sockapaloooza socks: the practice pair is fini! Here you see them relaxing with The Magazine That I'm In: this week's Canadian Business. And I even talked about the Knitting Olympics in the interview...spreading the purly word at every turn. These socks aren't beauties -- one of them has a ladder wide enough to climb -- but they're cheerful, they're finished, and the yarn was free. Plus, they're twins. Check it out.

These socks and the Teva Durham V-neck were on hiatus during the Olympics...I think I said last month that I'd work them in betw
een bouts of Kiri knitting: uh, didn't exactly happen. Reminds me of when I moved to Kingston in 1994 and thought that I'd be dashing off to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa -- New York, probably -- on weekends. You know, packing up my school books and a couple of smashing outfits and leaping on the train... But I didn't factor in 1) being broke 2) having eleventy-teen thousand pages of reading every week -- I think I figured grad school would be mostly fancy coffees and nodding thoughtfully in seminars -- so weekend junkets were scarce. But what the heck...Kingston had charms of its own, including two or three places to eat the Biggest Pieces of Cheesecake ever.

Anywho, back to socks: I'm now ready to get the Sockapaloooza show on the road, and will commence swatching tonight in front of (I hope) a detective show. Here's my yarn! I love it, and hope my pal will, too. Koigu KPPPM, variegated, mostly oranges and yellows:
I'm thinking I'll try Wendy's toe-up sock for my sock pal: it makes the most sense to me (why graft if you can avoid it) and I can get maximum length out of these yarn cakes. Plus, I can do the foot part in stockinette and put off the decision about patterns for the leg...I've looked at heaps of patterns and can't decide, but I want to get moving. May 2nd is coming up fast!


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