Sunday, June 04, 2006

And Another Thing About These Socks

The NZH sox ["New Zealand Helen"] are even more remarkable because when I signed up for Sockapaloooza, I included NO PREFERENCES. "I'd never had or made handknit sox," I said, "so I'm open to anything." I figured that would make it easy for my sockpal.

I mean really. Can you imagine anything more stressful? Particularly given that Helen and I were in the newbies group, so it wasn't like she had years of sock-making experience to draw on ("Ah, yes, indecisive Canadians always like pattern X....") So these are extra-excellent sox, having been created without a safety net.

And it's been raining ALL weekend in Toronto, so I'm wearing them a lot. With slippers -- can't let them touch the floors!


Blogger Brenda said...

Hi Erin -

Found you through your comment over on Rachael's blog, and I cracked up when you wrote about having imaginary arguments in the shower with crazy co-workers because I recognized myself!! I don't feel so alone now :)

And I see you're a Toronto knitter too! Whereabouts are you? We have a SnB in the Beach on Tuesdays if you ever want to join us.

(And Stuart is a huge sweetie!)

10:08 a.m.  

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