Saturday, May 13, 2006

Disgracefully Infrequent Blogging.

Okay, it's the MIDDLE of the night and long past the hound's bedtime, but here's a quick update. I darted out to B.C. for an excellent week chez M & D [see above] and have been back for a few days, communing with Stuart, foraging for meals, assessing the state of the Home Business.

In sox news, my lovely sock pal Bertha received her sox!! I'm soooo pleased that she likes them -- it's tough, making sox for someone you've never met! She's clearly a lovely person, and going through a few transitions in her life -- all of them good, but change is always tough -- so I really wanted her to be happy with them.

My own Pal let me know that my sox are still in progress, which is just fine with me -- she's going to school AND has a baby! That's a heap of things to keep a woman busy. Don't sweat it, sock pal: take your time!

Must get Stuart to bed...more [soon] on the finished Picovoli and the CeCe in progress.

Monday, May 01, 2006

In Praise of the Last Minute

Needle at rest, with inquisitive snout:

A PAIR of Sockapaloooza socks!

Started: ages ago...sometime post-Olympics.
Finished: 20 minutes ago.

Post-canine inspection, sox hit the showers:
Pre-wash, they're snug but not outrageously so, and my feet are about the same size as my Pal's...the Eucalan dunk ought to soften them up so they're just right. I really like them, and they were so fun to make. I understand the knitting world's sock mania a little better after this exchange!