Friday, February 03, 2006

Sock Sock Sock

Today I'm editing a heap 'o high-tech white papers (who said "Happiness writes white"?) and then getting the heck out of the apartment to join [finally] Elena's gym (time to work off the batwings) and get some groceries and track down the next "I, Claudius" dvd. But the editing is a little dull, so I'm noodling around on the internet and building me a word cloud:Goes to show what I yap about the most, doesn't it?

I'm also poking around different sites looking for sock wisdom: it's
Sockapaloooza time! Yes, an unsuspecting knittin' kitten will be getting either my first or second pair of knitted socks (I might do a pair for me first, to work out the bugs in my technique). And another sock newbie will be making me a pair...I'm in love with the whole idea. This weekend I'll polish off the Romin' Snake and keep the Teva Durham corrugated moving along, and choose a sock pattern. Then next week it'll be Olympics knitting and sock yarn deliberations, and I think in week 2 of the Olympics I'll cast on for the sockhopping.

But before any of that: more editing. Must make rent and yarn money.


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