Monday, January 23, 2006

Deja Blue All Over Again

I'm parked in front of the CBC watching the election results come in and it looks like the Conservatives are out of the doghouse and back in charge. The numbers keep shifting across the bottom of the screen, but the Tories are up 20ish seats on the Liberals. B.C. hasn't come in yet, so the gap will get bigger...but with any luck the NDP will hold the balance of power. I'm still waiting for them to show Parkdale-High Park.

ANYway, in more cheerful news, we have this:

That's the Noro scarf from Amy...isn't it pretty? It's a lousy shot, because I'm still an amateur with the new camera, but believe me, it's fab. Here's a closer shot. I think I'll go put it on to watch the B.C. results come in.


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