Sunday, January 22, 2006

London Calling

Am just back from London, where I spent a weekend at Victoria and Waterloo, walking along the Thames, cruising get the picture. The wrong picture, mind you: it was a whirlwind trip to London Ontario, where everything is named for everything in the original London (it's a bit creepy, really...Pall Mall can't possibly measure up), and where Amy is a history professor. I managed to forget the new camera, in part because I'm not used to having it and in [slightly larger] part because I was hung over something awful on Friday morning and packed in a blur. I did bring the almost-complete Marilyn's NSSC and Amy loved it, even with the ends unwoven and the buttons not on. I finished it up Saturday morning and blocked it in the afternoon: next time she comes here for a visit, there'll be photos! And tomorrow there'll be photos of the gorgeous basketweave scarf and cowl that she made me out of Noro Cash Iroha in "midnight." It's a beautiful colour and they're soooooo soft. I wore them all weekend, inside and outside.

Heaps of other knitting content: I brought a bunch of books and all the malabrigo in the house. [Can't wait for the yarn diet to end, because I am going to go on one unholy Uruguayan binge, let me tell you.] Anywho, the books. This one, an Xmas gift from M and D -- I want to put a decorative edge on everything -- and this favourite that I bought in Philadelphia last June. Plus these two from the library. Then we hunkered down on the couch and watched 1) Funny Face, 2) Brigadoon, 3) Grey Gardens, and 4) Moonstruck. I finished the lime blue Malabrigo hat and started Annie Modessitt's backyard leaves scarf...3 of 22 repeats done. WIP photo tomorrow in the daylight.

This week I have some work lined up for Monday and Tuesday, election-results-watching on Monday night, and a whole lot of scrubbing up the house and cooking of tasty things for my little sister, who arrives from France on Thursday WITH my niece/nephew-in-progress. Very excited to see Lindz knocked up: more excellent photo ops.

Good grief, it's seven past midnight: must put myself to bed. What is this, some kind of after-hours glam rock blog?


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