Sunday, January 15, 2006

When In Doubt, Tape it to the Fridge

I'd like to see a Venn diagram of the overlap between knitters and packrats. I'll bet the shaded area would be really, really big. Today, several days post-break up [hate rejection: hate it!] I ate two fortifying scones and opened up the boxes that I've been toting from apartment to apartment lo these many years. (Not that the bad man who rejected me was around long enough to generate much packratted material...but he provoked a purge urge and I was going to grab it.)

I managed to part with enough paper to fill a big black garbage bag, including such treasures as a blank calendar page for December 1996 on which I had helpfully written "Christmas" on the 25th. It was otherwise empty, and I figure I'll remember the date of Xmas '96, so I chucked it. Also on their way out: postcards from friends I can't remember, a notebook of grocery lists (don't care what I was eating as an undergraduate), and the student evaluations from my ten-minute career teaching Shakespeare. I'm keeping all love letters, everything from family members, wedding invitations, and my English 100 essays -- which are handwritten on foolscap (you can't throw out FOSSILS).

But what to do with things like the envelope of Peanuts cartoons? I've always loved the ones with Snoopy on his typewriter and can't quite get rid of'd be expensive to replace them and besides, I like them on newsprint. So they're on the fridge...probably their last stop, but I'll see them every time I go for an icecube.

Post-purge I worked on sleeve
#2 of the NSSC and I'll be back on it tonight in front of the tube. Must finish by Thursday!


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