Monday, January 30, 2006

Coolest WIP of 2006

I mean really -- does it get any more hand-bitingly adorable? I particularly like the WIP against the background of the red towel and the blue tiles. That look on her face? Might be the "enough with the goddamn pictures" expression. I have to hand it to her: she was an extremely good sport, as you can see from the next shot:
It was M and D's 35th on Saturday, so we sent photo greetings from Junior.

While in town, Lindz ate all the green seedless grapes she could get her mitts on, snapped up a caseload of pre- and post-natal vitamins to take back to France, and bought 32 cloth diapers -- the French are all about disposables, apparently. Also ten novels, because she and Pez are starved for books in English. And yarn, bien sur! We headed to Romni (cf.) on Friday, where the approximately 50 people working in the shop (the place was jammed with staff) ALL praised Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, so Lindz snapped up a bunch of Barn Red for a baby blanket. But there were setbacks.
The ersatz perfect yarn split like crazy, even in the swatch, and the knitter thought it felt too much like dishcloth and not enough like blanny. What with the infant kicking from the inside and the yarn splitting on the outside...well, she scrapped the Barn Red and exchanged it on Sunday for some Red Baron superwash worsted wool, which looks more promising, judging from the swatch.

I stuck to the yarn sanctions, despite TWO trips to Romni in 72 hours, and am still smugly stitching up the stash. There'd be pictures, but blogger is fractious and won't post them right now. Besides, it's time to tuck up in bed.


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