Wednesday, January 25, 2006

You gotta eat.

Since quitting my job on the 4th of July (yeah, nice coincidence) I've started feeding like some kind of itinerant animal...when the food is plentiful, I'm at it all the time. When it's not, I make do with what I can forage from the high shelves and the back of the fridge. The bulk raisins are now gone, as is the milk and the last can of tuna. You'd think I'd grocery shop, now that my time is my own, but it seems I'd rather test the limits of what's palatable on toast. Mind you, I'll have to get groceries in the morning for La Soeur Francaise: she's put in a request for seedless grapes, which the French must stop importing in the winter.

Elena (my knitting-buddy-from-the-internet) and I went to the Knit Cafe tonight where we drank tea and I pulled back one triangle of the multi-directional malabrigo scarf [lime blue] and did half a repeat of the falling leaves malabrigo scarf [black]. Love the KC, but the snax are totally inadequate. What that place needs is a pizza joint next door.

Right. Off to forage and then finish that repeat. Photos of the pregnant chick tomorrow.


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