Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pre-Games Jitters

Santa Monica!...only ONE DAY more to wait for the Olympics to start. Last night I watched 3/4 of "Mondovino " and practiced the provisional cast-on for Kiri. Damn, is that fiddly! Probably not wise to try it while half-watching a subtitled flick. I'm glad I only need three stitches and that I have Sally Melville's The Purl Stitch out from the library, because her explanation made the best sense of the ones I could find. I've decided to do the cast-on in the afternoon while the opening ceremonies are on live (2PM EST), because I don't think I can do it in public at the Team Canada party. Not sure how I'm going to keep track of the pattern charts, the ceremonies, and a big 'ol beer, but heck: it's supposed to be a challenge. Look at that nice yarn, just waiting to get on the sticks!

The Romin' Snake scarf has had its bath and is now blocking on the ironing board. Maybe doing it in black wasn't the smartest choice, because the leaves won't show up as well as they would in a leaf colour, but I really wanted a black scarf, and an interesting one. Highly recommend this pattern.

And I'm having a small crisis over the Teva Durham corrugated: I'm worried I'm making the wrong size. I think it should have [slight] negative ease, but I'm knitting the 37" size...did I have a moment of self-delusion re: the capaciousness of my rack? Instead of frogging the almost-finished piece 1 [hate backtracking!], I'm going to do the 32" size of piece 2. Then when it's time to frog, I won't mind so much, because I'll have the sweater 2/3 done. Right? Right??

Time to do some positive visualizations and a little more carbo loading.


Anonymous Skylar said...

Hey there, I too am knitting Kiri for the Knitting Olympics and am having jitters!

I've just knat the first 14 rows and don't exactly understand the section that reads,
"Using shawl yarn, knit-up 1 stitch from each garter-stitch ridge."
I am a continental knitter and don't exactly understand how to knit these rows. Any suggestions? If so, email me at skyrudichATyahooDOTcom. Thanks and good luck to you!

9:34 p.m.  

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